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Destination Moon Crew Guide: Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Michael Collins

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Science +3 Age Level Middle School (13 to 15 years old)

This topical collection explores the life of Command Module Pilot Michael Collins; it includes images, artifact images, and websites. Through browsing this collection, students will learn about Collins' life, in order to appreciate how his work as a pilot and astronaut impacted his personal and private affairs.

This collection is inspired by the Unveiling Stories thinking strategy introduced by Harvard's Project Zero, which invites students to reveal multiple layers of meaning in stories: 

  • What is the story?
  • What is the human story?
  • What is the world story?
  • What is the new story?
  • What is the untold story?

Have students look at each image, video or resource, and read its descriptions. Ask students to think about or respond to any quiz questions included. 

Tags: moon, moon landing, Apollo 11, Apollo XI, Aldrin, space, space race, astronaut

Apollo XI Crew

National Portrait Gallery

Mike Collins

National Air and Space Museum

Hatch, Right, Gemini 10

National Air and Space Museum

Apollo 11 TV Broadcast July 17, 1969

National Air and Space Museum

Kit, Personal Preference, Apollo 11

National Air and Space Museum

Command Module, Apollo 11

National Air and Space Museum