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Counter Culture

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Visual Arts

The counter culture emerged in the 1960 and died down in the 70s.  The people who joined were known for opposing the social norms. They were against the Vietnam war and striving for peace. They supported such things as LGBT or loving all. A lot of the people who joined this group had to do it at the expense of being shamed from their family. This new group strayed from their parents norms in regards to racism, sexual morals, women's rights creating their own way of thinking revolving around the idea of " Loving All".  This divided the county even more. The people who were in the group are what we would call hippies. Wearing flowy, bright clothing. People who were in this group often did psychedelic drugs. When on these drugs they would perform dances as a form of entertainment. Another form of entertainment was music festivals. The most famous one was the Woodstock in White Lake, New York with over 300,000 people.  The Rolling Stone and The Beach Boys are some examples of the music they enjoyed.  The government tried to put a stop to this group by creating restrictions on gatherings, the drug LSD, and the media posted by being too rated "R". Hence why it started to die down in the 70s. These photos captured the escence of the standard hippie and the joy they had. They were spirtually free and you can see that through these photos.