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Buffalo Soldiers (Many Lenses project)

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Utilizing the Many Lenses Online Exhibition and associated primary source resources, educators and students can explore the multiple perspectives of three American history and culture museums around the subject of Buffalo Soldiers.

Keywords: NMAAHC, African American, soldiers, westward, buffalo soldier, Many Lenses, primary sources, multiple perspectives

This Learning Lab contains a sorting activity about African Americans in the military.

This Learning Lab collection will address the following: C3 Social Studies Framework Standards:

  • D2.His.3.6-8 Use questions generated about individuals and groups to analyze why they and, the developments they shaped, are seen as historically significant.
  • D2.His.4.3-5 Explain why individuals and groups during the same historical period differed in their perspectives.
  • D2.His.12.9-12 Use questions generated about multiple historical sources to pursue further inquiry and investigate additional sources.