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Bacon's Rebellion

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US History

This series of images and documents show how the events of Bacon’s Rebellion are like that of the American Revolution. Like the American Revolution, Bacon’s Rebellion was caused by grievances that colonists had with the colonial government, spurred various tales about events that supposedly happened during the conflicts, and changed the way that Virginians thought about the country around them. These connections can be found through documents containing information about Bacon’s Rebellion, paintings that present images of people and romanticized tales about the events of the conflict, and inside a place known as Bacon’s Castle, a place that is still standing today.

The two conflicts had a similar structure from each other. Both rebellions started as a series of complaints that escalated into a conflict as the people protesting became more extreme. The American Revolution and Bacon’s Rebellion also had lasting impacts on the country (or colonies) because Virginia obtained a new government due to their revised charter after the rebellion and then obtained an entirely new constitution after the Revolution. The two events also contained their sets of war heroes on both sides as well as fictional tales that are set during the events of the previously mentioned conflicts.