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Animals in Art

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This three part collection is a curation of examples of the relationship between animals and art. Animals were around before the human race appeared and they will probably still be around when we are long gone. Animals have been involved in every civilization whether they are pets or predators. Some see animals as sacred beings- whether it be for religious purposes, or because they are a beloved pet. In modern society, actual animal bodies could be considered art as well. Mounting deer heads, making bear skin rugs, or taxidermy, These forms can also be seen as a way of representing an animal is sacred to them. 

I will be exploring animals in art from Egyptian to modern day in different forms including paintings and sculptures. 


Hall of Bulls

Mary Beth Looneu


Mary Ann Sullivan

Bayeux Tapestry


The Pisa Griffin

Paolo del Freo

The Unicorn in Captivity

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lion of St. Mark

Web Gallery of Art

Annie G. Cantering, Saddled

National Museum of American History

Missouri Mural

Terrain Gallery

Rat with Camera

Art of the State