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Anglo Women in Colonial America

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US History

This collection represents the material culture of Anglo-American women pre-revolutionary war. Among the early American pioneers were colonists endorsed by their respective crowns, individuals escaping religious persecution, and explorers. While the story of these individuals regale the lives of male colonists, their female counterparts are often overlooked. This collection is designed to reflect a general perspective of women either from the British Isles or those born in the first few generations of the English colonies.

As you move through the collection, we will first look at the ways and reasons these early female pilgrims came to the new world. Specifically, cases of women seeking religious freedom, those subjected to indentured servitude, and the influence of marriage on female immigration. We will also look at the trades and skills women performed in the colony communities. Lastly, we will review the social aspects of female lives and investigate how the material culture presented distinguishes women among varying social classes, education, and ideology.

The below items are the material culture objects included for my project; the additional items in my collection are supporting items I collected during my research.

17th century silver bodkin; Jamestown, VA

Mayflower passenger log

Record from the Virginia Company of London

Indentured servant contracts

Anne Wolseley Calvert leg bone remains

Poem: Before the birth of one of her children by Anne Bradstreet

Printing Press

South Carolina Gazette

History of Moll Flanders

Ladies shoes

Folding fan

Sugar Tongs

The Compleat Housewife

Loara Standish sampler