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America and the Holocaust

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Civics +6 Age Levels Post-Secondary, Adults

This collection will take a deeper look into anti semitism in America juxtaposed to the upstanders who fought back.  By looking at the Holocaust in American society through this dual lense, it illustrates the two extremes in the society.  Bitter and severe hatred was seen on one side as anti semitsm was fueled by racist and elitist attitudes.  But this does not tell the whole story; many efforts were taken by Americans, specifically the Jewish American community, to raise awareness for the cause and in many instances take active steps to help those suffering in Europe.

German American Bund Rally at Madison Square Garden

University of Southern California

Breckenridge Long

The Holocaust Memorial Museum

Antisemitic Poster in the United States

The Holocaust Memorial Museum

Anti-Semitic Propaganda Handbill

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, courtesy of the Philip and Janet Levin Foundation

Robert Edward Edmonson anti-Semitic Broadside

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, The Abraham and Ruth Goldfarb Family Acquisition Fund

Obverse of an American antisemitic handbill, "The Lone Star of David,"

American Holocaust Museum, courtesy of Salo Kruger

The Holocaust Memorial Museum

Admission Ticket for an Anti-Nazi Rally in Madison Square Garden

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection

Rabbi Eliezer Silver Leads Orthodox Rabbis to the Capitol

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Lillian Silver

Rabbi Stephen Wise Addresses Crowd at D-Day Rally

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Third Meeting of the War Refugee Board

The Holocaust Memorial Museum