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18th Century Vanity in America

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This collection moves through the products and ideas that shaped beauty standards in  18th century America. Vanity was just as important for men and women in the 18th century as it is today. Early Americans were greatly influenced by Europe, whether that be religious ideas, architecture, fashion, alcohol, or weapons. One shared idea was beauty standards. In the 18th century Americas views on luxury goods came directly from England and France especially fashion and cosmetics. I have collected ten images showing the use of beauty products used through out the 18th century. 

Dressing Table

Victoriana Magazine

Lairds Bloom Advertisement

The Conversation

18th Century Masks

Two Nerdy History Girls


The National Museum of American History

Fabric Patches

Collectors Weekly

Curling Tongs

Vintage Medical

Male wigs


Powdering Art from the 18th Century

The History of the Hairs World

George Washington

President George Washington