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17th Century Virginian Culture

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Social Studies

The Seventeenth century began in 1607 and ended in 1776. This colonial period marked a very significant event in the US with the founding of the first English settlers at Jamestown. The seventeenth century ended with the establishment of the commonwealth of Virginia.  It really made a significant impact of the base of early American culture.  This time period saw the beginning of early colonization and the beginning of mainstream things that are modified and used later. 

During this time period, Virigians were very well rooted in enjoying a nice and lively cultural life. In which, this lively cultural life paved the way for early development of the United States.  The following items in this collection represent the lively culture of the Virginians during the 17th century. The collection touches on the the entertainment culture religion , and personal items that were used during this time period that symbolizes early Virginian culture.

German salt-glazed stoneware

John L. Cotter & J. Paul Hudson

Memento Mori Ring


17th Century Pike

historic jamestown

Entertainment Dice

Historic Jamestown

Bartmann Jug

paul De Grande

Shipping Tag

Historic Jamestown

Tenter Hooks


Book Clasp

Historic Jamestown

Shaving Dish

Historic Jamestown