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The baby's bouquet : a fresh bunch of old rhymes & tunes / arranged & decorated by Walter Crane ; cut & printed in colours by Edmund Evans ; a companion to The baby's opera ; the tunes collected & arranged by L.C. [i.e. Lucy Crane]

Smithsonian Libraries
Some of the rhymes are in French or German.

Date of publication from Spencer.

Spencer, I. Walter Crane, p. 203

Osborne Coll., v. 1, p. 93

The baby's opera : a book of old rhymes, with new dresses / by Walter Crane ; engraved & printed in colours by Edmund Evans ; the music by the earliest masters

Smithsonian Libraries
"The tunes were collected and arranged by Walter Crane's sister [i.e. Lucy Crane]" --Osborne Coll., v. 1, p. 93.

Date of publication from NUC Pre-56, v. 126, p. 426