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The museum of natural history, with introductory essay on the natural history of the primeval world : being a popular account of the structure, habits, and classification of the various departments of the animal kingdom, quadrupeds, birds, reptiles, fishes, shells, and insects, including the insects destructive to agriculture / by Sir John Richardson, William S. Dallas, T. Spencer Cobbold, and William Baird & Adam White

Smithsonian Libraries
Chromolithographed t.p.

Vol. 1 has added engraved t.p.

Originally issued in parts, [1859-1862?].

Includes indexes.

Also available online.


SCNHRB has two copies.

SCNHRB c. 1 (39088015065618, 39088015065659, 39088015065691) has all the plates bound in v. 1, some of the plates torn with the loss of a few of the images; lacking some of the sectional title pages?

SCNHRB c. 1 has bookplate: In memory of Remington Kellogg. Inscribed on front free endpapers: Presented to the Remington Kellogg Library by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ashbby, Scientists Cliffs, Maryland, January 1971.

SCNHRB c. 1 quarter bound in recent black goatskin and teal paste-paper boards, title in gilt on spine.

SCNHRB c. 2 (39088015065733) incomplete: section of Fishes, with plates, of v. 2 only.

SCNHRB c. 2 has bookplate of the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Deposit. Stamped in red on t.p.: Smithsonian Institution.

SCNHRB c. 2 half bound in diced sheepskin and marbled paper boards, title in gilt on spine.

Spencer Browning & Co. Sextant

National Museum of American History
This sextant is somewhat unusual in that it has a brass frame, reinforced brass index arm, and ivory (rather than metal) scale. This scale is graduated every 20 minutes from -5° to +125° and read by vernier with tangent screw and swinging magnifier to 30 seconds of arc. The "Spencer Browning & Co., London" inscription on the arc refers to a firm that was in business from 1840 to 1870.

Letter from P. T. Barnum to Spencer Baird

Smithsonian Institution Archives
Correspondence #209237. Letter from P. T. Barnum to Spencer Baird regarding Jumbo the elephant.

Joseph Henry's Letter to Spencer Fullerton Baird (April 13, 1857)

Smithsonian Archives - History Div
The accompanying PDF contains SIA2012-3414, which is a page scanned from the edited transcript of the original version and notes in the Joseph Henry Papers Volume 9, page 448 (Document 258).

Letter from Joseph Henry, first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, to Spencer Fullerton Baird, then Assistant Secretary and later second Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, April 13, 1857. In the letter, Henry discusses the publication of Thomas M. Brewer's paper, North American Oology Part I, Raptors and Fissitrostres, and the number of copies to be printed. Henry writes about the importance of publication to the mission of the Smithsonian.

Monograph on the British fossil Echinodermata from the cretaceous formations. by Thomas Wright

Smithsonian Libraries
Each plate preceded by leaf with descriptive letterpress.

Added t-p.: The Palaeontographical society.

"Appendix containing a list of the works referred to in the text": v. 1, p. xiii-xviii.

Includes index.

Also available online.


Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, literature, and art. Systematically arranged by J.G. Heck. Translated from the German, with additions, and edited by Spencer F. Baird ... illustrated by five hundred steel plates, containing upwards of twelve thousand engravings

Smithsonian Libraries
Atlas in ten "divisions," each of which, except the 4th, has special t.-p.

"Text ... is based upon the well-known 'Bilder atlas zum conversations lexicon' ... The second volume ... has been entirely rewritten."--Pref.

Also available online.


A history of North American birds / by S. F. Baird, T. M. Brewer, and R. Ridgway

Smithsonian Libraries
First published in 1874.

Also available online.


William T. Sherman Commission as First Lieutenant, US Army, 1841

National Museum of American History
William Tecumseh Sherman's Commission as First Lieutenant in the Third Regiment of Artillery, United States Army, effective November 30, 1841. The commission, dated February 1, 1842, is signed by President John Tyler and Secretary of War John C. Spencer.
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