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The natural history of the British Entomostraca / by W. Baird

Smithsonian Libraries
Plates signed: W. Wing ad nat. lith.; Dr. Baird and Mr. Salter del.; Reeve Benham & Reeve, imp.

Some of the plates partially hand-colored.

"C. and J. Adlard, printers"--Verso of t.p.

Also available online.


SCNHRB copy (39088013487384) has stamp on series t.p.: Library, Division of Crustacea [and] Smithsonian Institution U.S. National Museum [pencilled ms. no.] 131655.

SCNHRB copy has stamp on t.p.: Library, U.S. National Museum, Smithsonian Institution [pencilled acc. no.] 131655.

SCNHRB copy has stamps on t.p.: S.F. Baird [and] Deposit of S.F. Baird.

SCNHRB copy in brown buckram library binding; title in gilt on spine.

Description of a new British Annelide : belonging to the tribe Rapacea of Grube Annelida errantia of Milne-Edwards / by W. Baird

Smithsonian Libraries
Extracted from the Linnean Society's Journal--Zoology, vol. 8.

"Read Nov. 16, 1865."--p. 38.

Also available online.


Catalogue of the species of Entozoa, or intestinal worms, contained in the collection of the British Museum

Smithsonian Libraries
Prepared by Dr. Baird.

Also available online.


The museum of natural history, with introductory essay on the natural history of the primeval world : being a popular account of the structure, habits, and classification of the various departments of the animal kingdom, quadrupeds, birds, reptiles, fishes, shells, and insects, including the insects destructive to agriculture / by Sir John Richardson, William S. Dallas, T. Spencer Cobbold, and William Baird & Adam White

Smithsonian Libraries
Chromolithographed t.p.

Vol. 1 has added engraved t.p.

Originally issued in parts, [1859-1862?].

Includes indexes.

Also available online.


SCNHRB has two copies.

SCNHRB c. 1 (39088015065618, 39088015065659, 39088015065691) has all the plates bound in v. 1, some of the plates torn with the loss of a few of the images; lacking some of the sectional title pages?

SCNHRB c. 1 has bookplate: In memory of Remington Kellogg. Inscribed on front free endpapers: Presented to the Remington Kellogg Library by Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ashbby, Scientists Cliffs, Maryland, January 1971.

SCNHRB c. 1 quarter bound in recent black goatskin and teal paste-paper boards, title in gilt on spine.

SCNHRB c. 2 (39088015065733) incomplete: section of Fishes, with plates, of v. 2 only.

SCNHRB c. 2 has bookplate of the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Deposit. Stamped in red on t.p.: Smithsonian Institution.

SCNHRB c. 2 half bound in diced sheepskin and marbled paper boards, title in gilt on spine.

Magazine of zoology and botany

Smithsonian Libraries
Conducted by: Sir W. Jardine, P.J. Selby and Dr. Johnston.

"Printed by John Stark, Edinburgh"--Verso of t.p.

Some plates hand colored.

Illustrators include: W. Baird; M.J. Berkel[e]y; Chas. M. Curtis; G. Dickie; Geo. V. Du Noyer; E. Gray; J.S. Henslow; C. Johnston; W. MacGillivray; R. Parnell; P.J. Selby; Stewart; and J.O. Westwood.

In addition to their text portions, volume 1 contains plates numbered 1-18 and 1*; v. 2 contains plates numbered 1-14 (plate 12 is folded).

Also available online.

Merged with: Companion to the botanical magazine; to form: Annals of natural history.

SCNHRB copy (v. 1, 39088016713661; v. 2, 39088016717985) has stamps: Smithsonian Instituttion National Museum, Mar. 18, 1901; Smithsonian Libraries, Jul. 1, 1993; accession no.: 169343 (for both v.).

SCNHRB copy has closely cropped edges. Some plates have been re-inserted on paper tabs.

SCNHRB copy has brown buckram library bindings with gilt-lettered spines and marbled edges. The original printed blue paper wrappers for v. 2, nos. 7-12 (only) are bound in at the end of v. 2.


Reports of explorations and surveys, to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean / made under the direction of the secretary of war, in 1853-[6] ..

Smithsonian Libraries
Printer varies between House and Senate issues, and over time. For example, Beverley Tucker is printer of volume 1 in Senate issue.

See Wagner-Camp. Plains & the Rockies (1982, 4th edition) for detailed information on pagination, collation and contents of the individual volumes.

Volumes 1-11 were issued in the Congressional series of U.S. public documents as 33d Congress, 2nd session. House ex. doc. 91, and also as Senate ex. doc. 78. Volume 11 was also issued (1861) as 36th Congress, 2nd session. Senate ex. doc. [no number].

Supplement to volume 1 was issued in at least three forms: Supplement to volume 1, 1859, W.A. Harris, printer, as 35th Congress, 2nd session. Senate ex. doc. 46 [and] Volume 12, part 1-2, 1860: T.H. Ford, printer, as 36th Congress, 1st session. House ex. doc. 56, and Senate ex. doc. [no number].

The reports of the Pacific railroad surveys were prepared under the direct supervision of the Engineer Department. The volumes dealing with the soil, climate, geology, botany and zoology of the regions surveyed were edited and revised by Professors Henry and Baird of the Smithsonian institution. See Ingersoll, History of the War Department, 1879, pages 292-293.

"The quarto edition [of the Pacific Railroad Reports] began to appear in 1855, concluding in 1861 with volume XII. Despite their flaws, these volumes contain a monumental collection of scientific information, geographical, zoological, botanical, geological, of the still mysterious American West. Upon first examination, the volumes seem forbiddingly disorganized; reports clearly were printed as they were received; there is no overall system or arrangement, nor are there general indices to the volumes, and, as Camp has pointed out, there is the usual duplication of printing and lithography by both houses of Congress"--Wagner-Camp.

For further information concerning the publication of the work and a list of serial numbers assigned to the volumes in the Congressional series of documents, see Checklist of United States public documents, 1911, pages 1274-1275.

Various illustrators, engravers, lithographers, cartographers and printing firms contributed to the publication. Some of the illustrators include: A. H. Campbell, F.W. Egloffstein, Chas. Koppel, J.H. Richard, C. Schumann, J.S. Tidball, J. Young, and J.J. Young. Some of the engravers include: F. Artos, R. Hinshelwood, S.V. Hunt, R. Metzeroth, N. Orr, and Pinkney. Lithography and printing firms for the maps and illustrations include: Ackerman lith., J. Bien lith., Herline & Hensel lith., Hoffman, Knickerbocker & Co. lith., Sarony, Major & Knapp lith., Selmar Siebert's engraving & printing establishment, and T. Sinclair's lith.

Wagner-Camp. Plains & the Rockies (4th ed.), 262-267

Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages, 1281

Also available online.

SCNHRB has two copies; copy 2 is incomplete.

SCNHRB copy 1 is bound in 15 volumes, with the addition of the supplement to volume 1 (=v. 1b, barcode 39088020038709) and a variant copy of volume 12, part 2 (=v. 12, pt. 2b, barcode 39088020039905), which lacks the title leaf but includes appendices A, B, and C. Volume 12, part 2a (barcode 39088020039863) lacks the appendices.

SCNHRB copy 1 of the supplement to volume 1 and volume 11 (barcode 39088020040259) are both Senate-issued versions. The SCNHRB copy of the supplement to volume 1, issued as 35th Congress, 2d session, Senate ex. doc. no. 46, has imprint on title-page: Washington: William A. Harris, printer, 1859. The SCNHRB copy of volume 11, issued as 33d Congress, 2d session, Senate ex. doc. no. 78, has imprint on title-page: Washington: Beverley Tucker, printer, 1855.

SCNHRB copy 1 of volume 12, part 1 (barcode 39088020040291) was issued as 36th Congress, 1st Session, House of Representatives ex. doc. no. 56, with imprint on title page: Washington: Thomas A. Ford, printer, 1860.

SCNHRB copy 1 has bookplates: 1. (armorial) William Whitman, with motto "per ardua surgo" (tentatively identified as William Whitman, 1842-1928), with manuscript shelf marks; 2. Erastus Corning; 3. Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Gift of Betty A. and Lloyd G. Schermer. The volumes also have accession numbers from an unidentified collection, ranging from 2008-2022.

SCNHRB copy 1, volume 1 (barcode 39088020039855) has laid in: a single leaf of typescript description from the book dealer John Howell.

SCNHRB copy 1 has all volumes bound in three-quarters calf and red and black marbled boards, with red edges, title in gilt on spine, and marbled endpapers.

SCNHRB copy 2 has has volumes 2-5, 7, 9-10 and 12 only.

SCNHRB copy 2 of volume 5 is imperfect: the title leaf is wanting; the half title has contents obscured by mounted clipping.

SCNHRB copy 2 has mixed provenance: volume 2 (barcode 39088004370383): Berkeley Divinity School; volume 3 (barcode 39088006677314): Tucker Collection (with Jonathan Dwight, Jr. bookplate); volume 4 (barcode 39088006677322) has Harry Lubrecht bookseller notations on front free end paper; volume 5 (barcode 39088006677835) has provenance of George P. Merrill; v. 7 (barcode 39088006676688) has Harry Lubrecht bookseller notations on front free end paper; volume 9 (barcode 39088006681225) has accession number 142014, with Smithsonian library stamp on title page dated Apr 5 1892; volume 10 (barcode 39088006681266) has accession number 142015, with Smithsonian library stamp on title page dated Apr 5 1892; volume 12 part 1 (barcode 39088006681282) has Harry Lubrecht bookseller notations on title page; volume 12 part 2 (barcode 39088006681308) has bookplate: Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Gift of Marcia Brady Tucker, with handwritten Tucker collational notes on title page.