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Jason Carroll, WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to prove what I've learned about WWI.

Jason Carroll

Cyana Berner- WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to better understand what the United States did for World War One.

Cyana Berner

Nubia WW1 Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to effectively show what I learned about WW1. 

Jonathan Nubia

Anna Gorin - WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to create a collection of artifacts dating back to the first world war to to showcase what we know about American involvement in the war.

Anna Gorin

Stephen Jimenez WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this project it to talk about the events that have led up to Word War 1. 

stephen jimenez

WW1 Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to properly demonstrate what I know about the aspects of the war

colton jackson

WWI Artifacts

This is important to show what I have learned thus far and this was an important time in history that brought many new inventions and policies into light.

Bradley Van Blerck

Jla Capunpun WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this collection is to show the history and information of what happened during World War I through artifacts that were saved.

Jla Capunpun

Michelle Alvarez - WW1 Artifacts

This project is to show what we have learned and explain using photos how the period was important to our history. 

Michelle Alvarez

WWI Artifacts

This project is about a collection of artifacts in WWI and how they helped me learn about the war.

Luna Basinger

Reina Otaki WW1 Artifats

The purpose of this project is to review what we have went over this quarter about ww1 including the reason why US joined the war, the soldiers' situation, and how it was like in the home front.

Reina Otaki

Ww1 Artifacts US History Period 2

This collection is to review what I have learned about WW1 through artifacts.

Grace Luzbetak

Josephina Kiernan WWI Artifacts

This collection of WWI artifacts will be used to exhibit my knowledge of the subject. This will include topics such as its economic impact, propaganda, the participation of women and more. Each artifact provided will be put into context for the decade. 

josephina Kiernan

Evan Hopp WWI artifacts

We will be looking at WWI artifacts to show what we have learned.

Evan Hopp

WWI Artifacts(Masha Bezhenar)

We will be creating a collection of WWI  artifacts in order to demonstrate what we have learned about the war

Mariia Bezhenar

Kailee Concha: WW1 Artifacts

The purpose of the project is so we can get a further understanding of what happened and what life was like during WW1, both reviewing events and learning/having a deeper look at them.

Kailee Concha

Erin Siegel- WWI Artifacts

This project gives the viewer insight into life during WWI through artifacts that tell the story of the war. These artifacts supplement the basic knowledge of most while providing a new perspective into a time in the past.

Erin Siegel

Sebastian Khoshabeh: WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate our knowledge of the war and to further our understanding of the American perspective during the time.

Sebastian Khoshabeh

Garett Savage WWI Artifacts

Creating a collection of WWI Artifacts in order to show what I've learned about the First World War

Garett Savage

Kota Athay WWI Artifacts

As citizens of a democracy, it is our civil obligation to be informed and knowledgeable about past and present events. The purpose of this activity is to use our knowledge of WWI to accumulate resources that show the political and economic situations that led to America's involvement in the war. And to show our understanding of the events that happened. 

Kota Athay

David Mendenhall WWI Artifacts

 a collection of WWI  artifacts to demonstrate what I've learned about the war.

David Mendenhall

Vishal Kapadia WWI Artifacts

The purpose of this project to deepen and test our understanding of the aspects of WWI, the beginning, America's involvement, its effects and the end.

Vishal Kapadia

WW1 Artifacts, C.J. Stein

The purpose of the project is to learn about the history of the first World War

CJ Stein

WW1 Artifacts - Gabe Adamos

The purpose of this project is to see how much we have learned about WWI.

Gabriel James Adamos
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