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Wedding Traditions from the Szék Region of Transylvania

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
One day during the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, a group of participants in the Hungarian Heritage program staged a wedding procession wearing costumes typical of the Szék region of Transylvania, Romania. The ceremony involved good-humoured trickery including false brides and teasing songs. Bride: Imola Zsoldos from Szék in Transylvania, Romania Groom: István Berecz from Hungary Bridesmaid: Viola Balogh from Hungary Videography: Kylie Shryock Sound: Sara Legg Editing: Kylie Shryock and Alexander Jusdanis [Catalog No. CFV10573; Copyright 2013 Smithsonian Institution]

Wedges at the National Air and Space Museum - Simple Machines

National Air and Space Museum
Did you know that airplanes and spacecraft are covered in wedges? The wedge shape helps them cut through the air as they fly. To learn more about simple machines be sure to check out the full episode of STEM in 30: For more FREE teacher resources from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum visit STEM in 30, the museum's Emmy nominated TV show for middle school students:

Weighing cheetah cubs

National Zoo
Sep. 6, 2018—Our seven cubs at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute are thriving! They received a clean bill of health at their first veterinary exam, and we confirmed that there are two male and five female cubs in the litter. The cubs are now eight weeks old and have started eating meat. Cheetah cubs normally begin eating meat between six-to-seven week of age, and Erin’s cubs appear to greatly enjoy it. Now that they are eating meat, their daily weights will quickly increase. We weigh the cubs every week to track their growth.

Weightlifting at the National Zoo Games

National Zoo
It's time to celebrate the world's finest animaletes in the National Zoo Games at the Smithsonian's National Zoo! Our next event is weightlifting, featuring the African Lion, the Giant Panda, and the Leafcutter Ant. Be sure to vote for your favorite animalete on the Smithsonian's National Zoo's facebook page. Follow along here, on Facebook and on Twitter for the next few weeks as the Zoo posts photos, videos and fun facts broadcasting the best of sport in the animal kingdom, from weightlifting ants to water polo playing lions. Each activity that the animals participate in is an important component of the Zoo's Animal Enrichment program, which provides physically and mentally stimulating activities and environments for the Zoo's residents. And as our animals go for gold, we'll be keeping a close eye on their human counterparts in a campaign to name our three-month-old cheetah cubs after the fastest American athletes in the 100-meter races.


Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Taking a walk on Ulva Island, New Zealand with a wild Weka, a large rail (threatened species). They are quite friendly.

Welcome Wednesday - SmithsonianAPA, a digital-born museum

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Adriel Luis, Digital Curator at SmithsonianAPA presents a variety of approaches and projects through which the SmithsonianAPA is becoming the first digital-born museum

Welcome Wednesday - design theory and practices for digital media

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Dr. Marco Mason Marie Curie fellow at the MIT Program Science, Technology, and Society and the School of Museum Studies presents his research on design theory and practices of digital media for museums Slides from the presentation here:

Welcome Wednesday 04 Sep 2013: Digital Curation

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Welcome Wednesday 09 Sep 2013: Digital Curation

Welcome Wednesday 07-10-13

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Informal meeting testing Google Hangouts. Sharing mobile projects, Ideas, and opinions (Video Map Below). Updates ------------ 0:00:37-0:01:00 (Peacock Room App) 0:01:00-0:01:35; 0:39:00-0:42:53 (Asteroid App) 0:01:35 (Festival Apps) Google Hangouts Trial -------------------------------- 0:02:38-0:08:38 (Testing) 0:16:25-0:18:25 (Testing) 0:23:53-0:24:33 (Sound problem solution) 0:29:20-0:29:23 (Desktop/Laptop v. iPhone) 0:51:36-1:03:12 (Testing) Harry Potter Alliance ------------------------------ 0:09:40-0:14:05 (Overveiw) Mobile/Marketing Ideas --------------------------------- 0:18:29-0:23:35 (Creating experiences for visitors) 0:42:53-0:46:44 (Breaking barriers -- "Free is Free") 0:46:44-0:50:30 (Signage and Web visibility) Mobile App Ambassadors ------------------------------------- 0:26:17-0:28:28 (What are App Ambassadors?) 0:29:36-0:36:15 (Ideas) 0:36:33-0:38:35 (Ideas)

Welcome Wednesday 21 Aug 2013: Accessibility & Technology

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Welcome Wednesday 21 Aug 2013: Accessibility & Technology

Welcome Wednesday 7 Aug 2013: Mobilizing the permanent collection

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Welcome Wednesday 7 Aug 2013: Mobilizing the permanent collection

Welcome Wednesday July 24

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Welcome Wednesday July 24, 2013: The Harry Potter Alliance & Places of Invention ** Apologies for the reverb at the beginning of the recording; it goes away by 3:15** Blog post at: In this week's Welcome Wednesday we hear from EdLab which has been working with the Harry Potter Alliance and working with teens in a mentoring capacity for afterschool programming. They share insights on how young people interact with SI Education programs using digital and mobile platforms. We also hear from the Lemelson Center's Anna Karvellas, who talks about the Places of Invention exhibition, opening at NMAH in 2015, featuring an interactive map as the centerpiece of the exhibition, website, and mobile app. The map will be populated with video stories of invention around the world--including curated stories from select Smithsonian Affiliates—and encourage visitors to add their own text, images, videos, and tags from their home, from the exhibition kiosk, from their phone, etc. She talks about challenges faced by the team and asks how other museums and parts of the Smithsonian are handling these issues. At the end of our session, we invite other students working on mobile to bring their questions to our group. This week, Kim Fisher asks for tips on creating great museum tours for iPads. Post your answers and tips on the SI Mobile wiki:

Welcome Wednesday: a glimpse into Social Media at the Smithsonian and beyond

Office of the Chief Information Officer
Francesca De Gottardo, a visiting professional working with Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES), Museum on Main Street (MoMS) and Smithsonian Affiliates, presents the results of her research project on Social Media at the Smithsonian. ***Please note that between minute 6 and 10 the audio is not working properly due to technical issues during the recording of the session*** The presentation can be dowloaded at this link:

Welcome and Invocation (Santiniketan to Smithsonian: A Tribute to Tagore)

Smithsonian Education
Santiniketan to Smithsonian: A Tribute to Tagore Welcome: Manjula Kumar Director, Tagore Project, Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies Opening Remarks: Anandarup Ray President, Santiniketan Ashram Sammilani International (SASI) Invocation - Sanskrit Slokas: Sharmila Roy Pommot Sharmila Roy Pommot is a Santiniketan-trained singer, composer, choreographer, and interpreter of Tagore's music. She has directed dance dramas based on Tagore in Bengali and French, represented India at international festivals, and collaborated with contemporary dancers and composers of different traditions and cultures, including the Battery Dance Company in New York, Kudsi Ergunar of Turkey, and Annemarie Porras of France. In addition, she has worked on French subtitles for Satyajit Ray's films and has written about Ray's use of music for such publications as Positif, a French cinema journal. She has a wide discography and performs for All India Radio and Indian national television. She is based in Paris. Ambassador Arun Singh Embassy of India, Washington, D.C. ----- This program was made possible by GENEROUS FINANCIAL AND IN-KIND support from Esha and Anandarup Ray. LEAD SUPPORT FROM Dr. Rita and Mr. A.J. Gupta, Saswati and Asok Motayed, Candace J. and Suri Sastri GENEROUS SUPPORT FROM Rama and Arun Deva, Manjulika and Hiten Ghosh, Sambhu and Promila Banik, Indu and Girish Jindia , Ram Mukunda (India Globalization Capital Inc.) ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FROM Meera and Debdas Ghosal, Amitava and Sanghamitra Dutta, Arun and Ibhana Mukherjee, Rajiv and Neena Shenoy (ORCA TV), Sona Varma and Sujoy Bose, Rina and Subhash Saha, Supriya and Devbrat Dutt, Anand A. Devadas SPECIAL THANKS TO The Embassy of India, The Indian Council for Cultural Relations ADVISORY COMMITTEE Samia Ahmed, Monali Chowdhurie-Aziz, Rama Deva, Manjulika and Hiten Ghosh, Sukanya Mukherji, Esha and Anandarup Ray, Hitabrata Roy, Krishna Roy ----- Originally aired: Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome from our Director

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Catalog No. - CFV10082; Copyright - 2007 Smithsonian Institution

Welcome to Re:Frame

Smithsonian American Art Museum
SAAM's "Re:Frame" explores American art’s many meanings and connections with experts across the Smithsonian.

Welcome to Smithsonian Earth | A Video Streaming Service from Smithsonian Channel

Smithsonian Channel
The next evolution in nature and wildlife programming is here. Start your free trial and experience Smithsonian Earth today. Sign up here:

Welcome to the BRS

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
BRS video by the Marine Science Network, featuring the Station's scientific coordinator Gabriel Jacome

Welcome to the Circus Arts at the 2017 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
The 2017 Smithsonian Folklife Festival features a program on "Circus Arts," bringing visitors behind the scenes to learn about the lives and skills of circus performers, riggers, costume designers, makeup artists, and more. Production: Shelley Davis [Catalog No. CFV10908; Copyright 2017, Smithsonian Institution]

Welcome to the Collin Lab

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Rowshyra Castaneda and Maura Forrest from the McGill University, prepared this video as an introduction to the Collin Lab during their internship at STRI. 2009 Research in the Collin Lab focuses on the evolution of life histories and development of marine invertebrates. Our current work, supported by the US National Science Foundation, uses marine slipper limpets (Calyptraeidae) to try to understand the evolutionary loss and possible reacquisition of feeding larvae. The Collin Lab is located in Panama City, Panama, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Naos Marine Laboratories, but our field work takes us to various other countries in the Americas. We hope that the videos on this YouTube channel give you an introduction to the faces in the Collin Lab, as well as a taste of the kinds of projects we are working on.

Welcome to the National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum
Student orientation video for school groups planning a visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall in Washington, DC. See for more information.

Welcome to the National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History
This video provides an overview of the iconic artifacts, stimulating exhibitions, engaging programs, and other amenities visitors encounter on a visit to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. For more information please visit

Welcome to the Smithsonian Craft Show

Smithsonian Institution
What is the Smithsonian Craft Show? Join Smithsonian Women’s Committee members, craft show artists, and patrons to learn why it’s so special. Find out more about the Smithsonian Craft Show at

Welcome to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

National Air and Space Museum
Student orientation video for school groups planning a visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA. See for more information.
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