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The Olympics and the Cold War

This learner resource includes artifacts and archival documents regarding the 1980, 1984, and 1988 Olympics. Students will explore these materials in order to develop an understanding of how the Olympics were used as a platform for the United States and the Soviet Union to display political ideals during the Cold War. Comprehension and analysis questions are embedded throughout.

Tags: Wilson Center, Cold War, Olympics, hockey, Miracle on Ice, boycott, Afghanistan, Soviet Union, USSR, Communism
Kate Harris


Artist's reveal who they are on a deeper, more private level by making their own portraits. We all have many areas and facets of our identities: family, religious belief, gender and sexual identity, geographical, age, economic, recreational, aesthetic, racial and ethnic, health and body, educational, and occupational. As artists we will explore the self-portrait and hopefully something positive within ourselves. #NPGteach
Jennifer Fox

#SAAM Teach?Julia Agnew

Collection for "What makes a community?" Lesson.
Summer 2016. (In Progress)
Julia Agnew

Hirshhorn's Pokémon Go Stops

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden has a number of PokeStops (a place in the physical world where you can pick up "items" to play the mobile geolocation game Pokemon Go).

This collection explores the sculpture and architecture at of the stops at the Hirshhorn. Not all of the works listed as stops in the game are still on view. This collection provides information for the stops no longer on view and for other interesting sculptures nearby!
Ashley Meadows


I love summer!
Caitlin Badowski

You Might Remember This Movie Quiz #49

These still pictures remind me of a motion picture. Which one? Click on the question mark and take the quiz to see. Click each photo to enlarge.

Smithsonian Movie Quiz

You Might Remember This Movie Quiz Question #48

These still pictures remind me of a motion picture. Which one? Click on the question mark and take the quiz to see. Click each picture to enlarge.

Smithsonian Movie Quiz

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Geometry of Flight

This collection is a short geometry lesson supplement themed with various aspects of flight to provide real world examples; it contains pictures, videos, and practice problems (as well as links to further practice problems). It includes volume and surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms, basic Pythagorean theorem and trigonometry, and the volume and surface area of cones, cylinders, and pyramids.
Goal: Students will better understand how to find the volume and surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms, basic Pythagorean theorem and trigonometry, and how to find the the volume and surface area of cones, cylinders, and pyramids.
Tags: Flight, space, aeronautic, geometry, volume, surface area, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, prism, cylinder, cone, pyramid, Pythagorean theorem, right triangles, trigonometry, sin, cos, tan

Olympic Logos

Kate Harris

Carlisle Indian Industrial School

Perhaps the most famous of the Indian boarding schools created in the late 19th century, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania was founded by Captain Richard Henry Pratt (with funding and support from the United States government), with the purpose of assimilating (or Americanizing) Indian students.

Student will use archival materials to explore student life at Carlisle Indian School and to evaluate assimilation policy as practiced through the school. What was gained and lost through the process of assimilation?

Using these resources as a starting point, users should research one former Indian student or one aspect of student life using the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center. Many student files record not only experiences that occurred while at the school, but information about occupations and life after the boarding school experience. Were students and families able to shape positive experiences despite the intended consequences of boarding school policy?

Students should create a writing or artwork that reflects information learned about that particular student or activity and that shares the learner's opinions on assimilation policy and the response of Native Americans. How should the Carlisle Indian School be remembered?

Tags: Native American, Indian, boarding school, assimilation, Pratt, Dawes Act, Jim Thorpe, allotment

Kate Harris

Photography: Black and White Portraits of Artists in the Hirshhorn Collection

Black and white portraiture depicting some of the artists in the Hirshhorn Masterworks collection on view, as well as other works in the collection. The following are the artists listed and an example of their work included in the collection. The dates listed below are for when each photograph was taken.

1. Helen Frankenthaler ("Painted on 21st Street") ca. 1950

2. Willem De Kooning ("Woman") 1946

3. Jackson Pollock ("Number 3, 1949: Tiger") 1950

4. Jean Dubuffet ("Limbour as a Crustacean") 1956

5. Yves Klein ("Untitled Anthropometry") 1961

6. Joan Mitchell ("Field For Skies") and Michael Goldberg ca. 1950

7. Joan Miro ("Woman before an Eclipse with her Hair Disheveled by the Wind") ca. 1930

8. Richard Diebenkorn ("Man and Woman in a Large Room") 1963

9. Elaine De Kooning and Franz Kline ("Portrait of J.H. Hirshhorn") 1957

10. Auguste Rodin ("Iris, Messenger of the Gods") 1904

11. Alexander Calder ("29 Discs") ca. 1960

Alexandra Baran


The characteristics of the earth, moon, and sun. The relationship of the three.
Samantha Dane

Phases of the Moon

Earth and Space
Mildred Pope

Coral Reef

Coral Reef
Jennifer Blank


To connect landforms found on Earth to other planets within the Milky Way Galaxy.
G.T. McDonald


A look at the Moon
Veronica Christiansen




Facts and information about reptiles
Cathy Christiansen

Wind Power

DeeAnn Moore


Science unit 4
Erin Carrico

Apollo Space Missions

Information about the Apollo space missions

Karen Prickett

First Collection

Team Science
Peter Norgren

Water Cycle

Michelle Mosiman
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