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You Can Find the Oak Tree From 'Shawshank Redemption' Here

Smithsonian Channel
In the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood's biggest stars considered Malabar Farm an ideal getaway. From: AERIAL AMERICA: Ohio

mit citycar

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Playing Pong in 2100: How to Preserve Old Video Games - Part Two

Smithsonian American Art Museum
This half-day program featured two panel conversations focused on how to conserve and preserve digital media, specifically video games, in a world of constantly evolving technologies. Industry leaders J. P. Dyson, Strong Museum of Play; Chris Grant, Vox Media; Jon Gibson, iam8bit; Dave Gibson, Library of Congress; and Rachel Donahue, University of Maryland join the museum's media specialist Michael Mansfield and chief conservator, Tiarna Doherty and guest curator Chris Melissinos for the discussion. This talk is relevant to conservators, collectors, and gamers alike.

How a Fire Opened Buckingham Palace Up to the Public

Smithsonian Channel
In 1992, a fierce backlash about the repair cost of a fire-damaged Windsor Castle led to a startling royal decision: For the first time ever, Buckingham Palace would be opened to the public, to raise money for the renovation. From: INSIDE BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Trials, Tragedy and Triumph

Frozen Dead Guy Fest: Spamarama

Smithsonian Channel
Fried, sauteed, flambeed or stuffed, SPAM is one processed food that many chefs believe worthy of a gourmet makeover. Travel to Austin, TX to ham it up at Spamarama! From: AMERICA WILD AND WACKY: Frozen Dead Guy Fest

This Man Betrayed Nazis by Stealing Looted Jewish Valuables

Smithsonian Channel
In April 1944, the Nazis began to systematically terrorize the Jews living in Hungary. Shortly afterwards, they forced them to hand over their valuables – worth an estimated $350 million. From the Series: Combat Trains: Critical Cargo

What Ultra High Speed Penguin Footage Reveals About Pliosaurs

Smithsonian Channel
How did the pliosaurus, a 45-foot-long underwater prehistoric predator, keep up with its prey? A biomechanics expert finds answers by observing an unlikely present-day equivalent: the penguin. From: WORLD'S BIGGEST BEASTS

Gladiator School

Smithsonian Channel
Before the gladiators battled, they were sent to specialized schools where they were fed and groomed for success in the fight. From the Series: The Real Story: Gladiator

Becoming Spain's King

Smithsonian Channel
The fruits of loyalty and trust made Juan Carlos the right candidate to be the successor to the Spanish throne... although it came much later than most expected. From: MUSEUM SECRETS REVEALED: Madrid

Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle 1973

Human Studies Film Archives
title from credits (published work)--archival collection

Study guide

Bess Lomax Hawes was a folklorist in the Anthropology Department, California State University at Northridge, Los Angeles, California (formerly San Fernando Valley State College) when this film was made.

Donated by John Bishop in 1995.

Edited film contains the following fiddle tunes played by Earl Collins: Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle, Dry and Dusty (played in D tuning on a fiddle carved by his father out of cedar and inlaid with hearts), Sally Goodin, Bull at the Wagon, Black Mountain Ragand Billy in the Low Ground. The voiceovers are from interviews with Earl Collins conducted by Babara LaPan Rahm.

Festival Fundraiser - English

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Catalog No. - CFV10188; Copyright - 2002 Smithsonian Institution

The Gospel of Jesus's Wife: Sneak Peek

Smithsonian Channel
Controversial and incredibly fragile, a document stirs up debate surrounding more than 1,500 years of Christian beliefs. Catch the premiere of The Gospel of Jesus's Wife on Monday, May 5th at 8 PM ET, only on Smithsonian Channel. From: THE GOSPEL OF JESUS'S WIFE

Could You Survive This 77-Mile Triple Marathon?

Smithsonian Channel
Only one in three participating runners are able to finish this grueling, mountainous, 77-mile triple marathon without breaking down. From: THE PERFECT RUNNER

Design [R]evolutions: False Bottoms and Secret Compartments

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
A clean edit of this program can be found here: In the second of the Enid and Lester Morse Historic Design lecture series, Dr. Carolyn Sargentson will be lecturing on the theme of secrecy in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Paris, looking at the role of locksmiths in protecting the affairs of the heart, the home, and of politics, and revealing some of their strategies for developing the perfect high-performance lock.

Why Building a Carbon Fiber Car Is So Labor-Intensive

Smithsonian Channel
To make the lightest possible sports car, Alfa Romeo knows it needs to build key components using carbon fiber. But it's a complicated and extremely time-consuming process. From the Series: Supercar Superbuild: Alfa Romeo 4C

You Probably Don't Want Your Airline Pilot to Try This

Smithsonian Channel
Third generation stunt pilot and Minnesota's favorite daredevil, John Mohr, attempts astonishing aerial acrobatics in his 1943 Stearman biplane. From: AERIAL AMERICA

Designing the Modern Kids' Rooms with Cookie Magazine (Pt1 of 2)

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Cookie Magazine, the stylish parenting magazine for the new mom and dad, fills its pages and website with gorgeous, fanciful, and delightful examples of kids’ rooms. Join Cookie Home Editor, Kiera Coffee, for a presentation by selected kids’ room designers including Adam Weintraub and Mishi Hosono from KOKO Architecture, Jennifer Ward from MINOR DETAILS, and Jan Eleni from Jan Eleni Interiors. Pick up some fun ideas and things to try in your kids’ room today! Before the presentation, enjoy a private viewing of Wall Stories: Children’s Wallpaper and Books, to see the evolution of wallpaper designed for kids rooms. Smithsonian, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Mesuem

Bugged Out! BugBot video

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Bugged Out is a teen art-science workshop hosted by the ARTLAB+ and Q?rius (NMNH), Bugged Out! gives teens a chance to explore different kinds of bugs, talk to an expert, and explore the Insect Zoo. Teens will then take inspiration from actual bugs to create their own robotic or moving bug creature using small motors, LED lights, aluminum, leather and more!

Choctaw Festival Day 1 - Prayer, Welcome, and Introduction 2

National Museum of the American Indian
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma celebrates its tribal history and heritage with two days of dance, song, storytelling, and artist demonstrations. In this segment, the afternoon of first day of the festival begins with a welcome from Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr., followed by a prayer given by Waddell Hearn. Brad Joe then sings The Lord's Prayer in Choctaw as the Choctaw royalty interpret in American Indian sign language. The Choctaw royalty include Miss Choctaw Nation Neiatha Hardy, Little Miss Ariana Byington, and Junior Miss Loren Crosby. Chief Batton then gives an introduction to the history and culture of the Choctaw Nation and the afternoon's proceedings. This program was webcast and recorded in the Potomac Atrium of the National Museum of the American Indian on June 24, 2014.

Hawaii Festival 2016: The Aloha Boys

National Museum of the American Indian
The Aloha Boys and local Hawaiian dancers give a Mele and Hula Honoring the Hōk̄̄ule‘a. This performance was webcast and recorded in the Rasmuson Theater of the National Museum of the American Indian on May 29, 2016.

Fish Food Feeding Frenzy

Smithsonian Channel
At the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, the most exciting time at the fish tank is feeding time. From: CREATURES OF THE LAGOON

Komodo Dragons Can Taste Their Prey From Miles Away

Smithsonian Channel
A Komodo dragon's strongest sensory organ is its deeply forked tongue. It acts as a meal detector that samples the air for dead or dying animals. From: DRAGON ISLAND

Why Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?

Smithsonian Channel
Flamingos must tire of constantly perching on one leg. Or do they? We ask a caretaker at Smithsonian's National Zoo. #ZooQs From: WILD INSIDE THE NATIONAL ZOO: The Great Night Heron Mystery

Speed Kills - Sneak Peek

Smithsonian Channel
After millions of years of evolution, the world's fastest predators only need a fraction of a second to kill. From: SPEED KILLS
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