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A Man on the Moon, but a Woman Got Him There: The Story of Margaret Hamilton

This topical collection includes images and links that give a short biography of Margaret Hamilton, the forgotten hero of the moon landing who invented software engineering.
Goal: Students will be able to synthesize the information from different sources and answer the questions at the end cohesively.
Tags: Margaret Hamilton, Apollo VIII, Apollo 8, Apollo XI, Apollo 11, moon landing, computer science, software
Jade Lintott

Astronaut Life

What is life for an astronaut like? How has it changed over the years? What different kinds of challenges do they face?
This topical collection describes certain problems astronauts face and follows with resources that show how people have tried to solve those problems; it includes pictures and videos.
Goal: Students will be able to identify a problem, brain storm solutions, and then compare the actual answers to their solutions.

Tags: space, astronaut, food, exercise, problem solving, space travel, brain storming
Jade Lintott


Marlen Harrison

Seeing, Thinking and Wondering About Space Food

Astronauts need food and good nutrition to stay healthy in space. This collection looks at the challenges in preparing, packaging, transporting, and storing food in space. What innovations were required? What problems needed to be solved? How did the problems change over time?

This collection uses the "See Think Wonder" visible thinking routine developed by Project Zero at Harvard University. This strategy encourages students to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations. It helps stimulate curiosity and sets the stage for inquiry.

First, Watch the Apollo 11 TV broadcast of July 22, 1969 of an astronaut eating in space (22 seconds). Use the "See Think Wonder" routine to stimulate interest among students about the problems encountered by astronauts when trying to eat. Ask, "What do you see? What do you think about that? What does it make you wonder?" Next look at the second image in the collection, "Space Food, Meal Package, Day 11, Meal C, Apollo 11 (white)". Repeat the questions examining both the food and the label.

Next, ask students to search the collection for "space food" and assemble one meal -- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Compare the different meals created by students using the see, think, wonder routine. For example, what kinds of foods do they see (or not see)? How are the foods packaged and how does it change over time? How are the more recent foods different from the first meals? The purpose of this discussion is to help students see how engineering problems and solutions evolve over time. Ask students, what impact would longer missions have on packing meals for space?

Watch the video, "Three Types of Food," and compare the information in the video with student ideas. Then ask students to propose solutions for the current question -- "How can we grow food in space?"

Stephanie Norby

Star Spangled Banner

Use pictures and books to learn about the origin of "Star Spangled Banner"
Beth Hullender

13 Revolutions

"The Revolution was in the Minds and Hearts of the People," John Adams wrote on 13 Feb. 1818. The colonists' drive to independence marked a new era of American history, Adams thought, when "Thirteen Clocks were made to Strike together; a perfection of Mechanism which no Artist had ever before effected."

So how did people experience the American Revolution?

1. Take a look at the material culture and manuscript resources shown below. Using 3-5 items ONLY, write a SHORT recap (1 paragraph) of the Revolution's rise and progress, ca. 1760s-1780s.

2. Then, nominate 1 MORE Smithsonian item to join this gallery. Choose any artifact/manuscript that you think we MUST see in order to understand vast early America's revolutionary culture--and tell us WHY.

As you build your history, which episodes and people come to the fore? How does the big picture change?
Sara Georgini


Beth Hullender

Thomas Alva Edison

Edison resources
Jane Bosarge

Apollo 11 Crew

This topical collection details the human stories of the Apollo XI mission by giving details on the lives of each crew member; it includes pictures and an external link. There is a list of the resources in each section at the beginning of that section.
Goal: Students will understand the lives of the Apollo XI crew members and be able to assess how their lives as people influenced their accomplishments as astronauts.
Tags: moon, moon landing, Apollo 11, Apollo XI, Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins, space, space race, space travel, rocket

Inspired by the Harvard Project Zero thinking strategy unveiling stories
Jade Lintott

Test gallery

Here is a test gallery
Julian Miller

Inventions: The washing machine

This collection follows the development of the washing machine through time.
Chris Campbell

Art in American History--ISTE Conference 2016

A collection of resources used for a mini-session at the ISTE Conference 2016. Includes strategies and resources for integrating art into an American History course, utilizing Harvard University & Project Zero's "Making Thinking Visible."
Kate Harris

You Might Remember This: Movie Quiz Question #54

These still pictures remind me of a motion picture. Which one? Click the question mark and take the quiz to see. Click each picture to enlarge.

Smithsonian Movie Quiz

Reading Companion: Hot-Air Balloons and the Civil War

In this collection, students will explore the Union Army's use of hot-air balloons during the Civil War. Two articles - "Professor Lowe's Adventure" [Cobblestone; Nov/Dec 2015] and "Civil War Air Force" [Cricket; Oct 2015] - serve as an introduction to Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, an aeronaut, and his influence in the creation of the US's first air force. Additional resources, such as photographs of the balloons, letters written from the Secretary of the Smithsonian to Lowe prior to his involvement in the Union Army, the remnants of a Confederate balloon, and more, help situate these articles into a larger, historical context. Suggestions for use located in "Notes to Other Users."

Uses the Project Zero Visible Thinking routine "Think Puzzle Explore." This routine sets the stage for deeper inquiry.
Tess Porter

Inventions: The mousetrap

In the 1800s there were several designs of the mousetrap that came into prominence. This collection shows some of the various designs that were used. One great extension activity is for the students to design and create mousetrap cars.
Chris Campbell

Reading Companion: Robots

This collection is a reading companion to two articles - "Robot Zoo" [Ask; Nov 2011] and "Me, Myself, and My Android Twin" [Muse; Nov 2012]. Students are asked to investigate these articles, alongside other objects, videos, and articles, to examine what issues robot designers are attempting to address with their inventions, and how they are trying to address them. At the end of the activity, students will be asked to write a paragraph or more explaining which inventions they think are the most important and why, citing resources in this collection as evidence.
Tess Porter

Presidential Pictures

Pictures of The Presidents of the United States
Connie Scharre

Odd Duck

debbipete .

The Kennedys

This is a topical collection of resources depicting the Kennedy family.
Linda Muller

Insects in Embroidery

Embroidered objects featuring images of insects.
Megan Lucy

Space Junk: Fast Trash

We think of outer space as pretty empty, but that's not the case around planet Earth. There are millions of pieces of man-made debris floating around. This debris causes potential problems for astronauts, satellites, and other important pieces of equipment circling Earth. This fast-paced webcast will look at what's out there and how NASA keeps an eye on it.

February 18, 2015

National Air and Space Museum

Test TR

Thomas Ruff

You Might Remember This: Movie Quiz Question #37

These still pictures remind me of a motion picture. Which one? Click the question mark and take the quiz to see. Click each picture to enlarge.

Smithsonian Movie Quiz
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