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Understanding Opera

A learning resource for students about opera. The images in this collection focus on different portrayals of opera singers and different types of spaces. As you look through them and complete the activities, think about how they change your viewpoint and understanding of opera.


Alexander Graves

Understanding Social Colonialist Perspectives and the Effects of the Male Gaze

Explores the ways in which a colonization takes place within social spaces as well as the effects of the male gaze in 


Daniel Charlton


jen stebbing


Bethalto History

Uniforms During the American Civil War

The American Civil War forced the coming about of a free society, government, and industry in the South. Reliant on their enslaved people for labor, the south was ill-prepared to fight a war against the industrious north. The south excelled in agriculture, but they relied on their slave labor. Their rural lifestyles could not compare, at least in textile production, to the north. This is best shown in the comparisons between the Union and Confederate armies, with special consideration to their uniforms. Confederate soldiers marched through hot southern climates, sweating in their woolen uniforms, but needed the extra padding offered by the thick wool to prevent them from getting thermal-shock during the nights. The Union soldiers, facing the cooler, temperate climates of the north had no such issues. Facing an agriculture-based society, the Confederate soldiers did not have ways to mass produce their uniforms when the War first began; many were sewn by hand. As a result, many wore civilian hats, or kepis, which fell apart after a few months. Conversely, Union soldiers had mass-produced uniforms that could withstand months of use. When faced with needing to reduce costs, they simplified the embellishments on their buttons instead of greatly altering the uniforms they needed for protection. This exhibit details the differences between Union and Confederate Army uniforms during the American Civil War, and reveals the sociopolitical environments of each side.

Jordi Burton

United States Constitution and State Governments

Inspired by the VTC request of Cheryl Williams 

4th-5th Grade Students 

Marin Layne Williams

Universidade de Brasília - Museologia/ University of Brasilia - Museology

Museology & Cinema. Esta coleção mostra a importância do cinema no mundo inteiro, contendo diretores, atores/atrizes e filmes aclamados pela crítica e pelo público, que contribuíram de várias maneiras para revolucionarem o Cinema.

Karla Hong

University of Brasilia - Muhammad Ali vs Racism

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

suffered discrimination from the beginning of his career , despite being a great athlete for being black had to fight for their opportunities , he converted to Islam and was renamed as Muhammed Ali. He gained notoriety as a renowned boxer and using that influence fought racism as he could.

Bruno Lucca

University of Brasilia - Ancient Greek Art (Universidade de Brasília - Arte Grega Antiga)

Coleção sobre arte grega antiga e representações posteriores de sua cultura.

Jaqueline Ribeiro

University of Brasilia - Animal Representation Through The Ages

Different types of statues, paintings, and other artistic representation of animals from the past and the present.

Tiago Carvalho

University of Brasilia - Brasões/Coat of Arms

Coleção de Brasões e Escudos para serem estudados por estudantes de Heráldica em seu estudo dessa ciência.

Jade Deus

University of Brasilia - comics

desenhos em quadrinhos que não possuem cores

Joana Diniz

University of Brasilia - Engineering

Engenharia é aplicação do conhecimento científico, econômico, social e prático, com o intuito de inventar, desenhar, construir, manter e melhorar estruturas, máquinas, aparelhos, sistemas, materiais e processos.

Bernardo HT

University of Brasilia - Famous People

Famous and important people that made history.

Tiago Carvalho

University of Brasilia - Fotos antigas da Bahia

Coleção que reúne fotos antigas da Bahia, Brasil.

Gabriel Amaral

University of Brasilia - Gods of Greece

Obras de arte representando alguns deuses gregos

Omar Silva

University of Brasilia - O hábito da leitura

Coleção sobre a representação do hábito da leitura em pinturas, gravuras, etc.

Ariel Carvalho Gomes

University of Brasilia - O mito de Juan Santos Atahualpa.

A história do indígena que mobilizou seu povo, o povo Campa, e outros povos indígenas da Amazônia Central em prol da liberdade e contra a colonização espanhola no século XVIII.

Leticia Amarante

University of Brasilia - Once Upon a Time

This collection is about a imagination´s world and fairy tale. To create dreamers readers.

Letícia Cintra

University of Brasilia - Picasso

Collection about Picasso, life and work. (IDEIA: Sou bibliotecária e a instituição para qual trabalho irá lançar uma exposição sobre o pintor Pablo Picasso, logo para chamar a atenção dos usuários foram selecionadas imagens e videos que serão postadas na homepage da instituição demonstrando o tema da exposição.)

Isabela Borges de Matos

University of Brasilia - Pixar Warehouse

Collection of sketchs and characters from the Pixar Animation Studios.

Tiago Carvalho

University of Brasilia - Sufrágio Feminino

O movimento pelo sufrágio feminino é um movimento social, político e econômico de reforma, com o objetivo de estender o sufrágio (o direito de votar) às mulheres. Participam do sufrágio, mulheres ou homens, denominados sufragistas.

Nair Oliveira

University of Brasilia - Surrealism

This collection show the aspects that create the Surrealism art movement, grouping artists of all of the world.

Pedro Henrique Matos de Sá Fernandes

University of Brasilia -> Cartoons

Random Cartoons can lead to some reflection or not.

Gabriel Fonseca Correia
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