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History of Recording

Shannon Gunn


Chris Roddenberry


Andale Dixon

Ray Charles

Ray Charles
Andale Dixon


Pictures related to worship.
Ioanna Galani

Women in the Supreme Court

Portraits and interviews

My Nightstand

5 objects that describe me.
Kyionna Medley

Popol Vuh

Ioanna Galani

Climate Change Resources March 2016

Resources for educators focused on climate change
Bronwen Rice

Homestead Through the Years

A variety of maps and photos of Homestead, Pa.
Mark Fallon

How's My Waterway

Learn the condition of local streams, lakes and other waters anywhere in the US... quickly and in plain language. See if your local waterway was checked for pollution, what was found, and what is being done. The source of this information is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) database of State water quality monitoring reports provided under the Clean Water Act.
Margarete Ann Heber

Global Climate Change - Resources for Educators

Resources for educators focused on global climate change
June Teisan

Watersheds and Estuaries

Educator resources for teaching about watersheds and estuaries
June Teisan

Extreme Weather: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Storms, Droughts

A wide range of resources for the study of extreme weather
June Teisan

American Innovation and Enterprise

This is a collection of items from the National American History Museum. Each item is a part of American History.

Teaching about Andrew Jackson

This collection includes artifacts, lesson plans, and teaching ideas about Andrew Jackson, including his role in the War of 1812 and his presidency.
Kate Harris

Student Activity: Exploring Water Quality

In this activity, students will learn about sources of pollution in nearby streams, lakes, and rivers, and then conduct their own test of water quality. They will take a sample of local water and determine its pH number—a measure of acidity or, its opposite, alkalinity. They will be able to identify point and non-point pollution sources in their community, and make connections between everyday human actions and water quality.
Ashley Naranjo

Student Activity: Curious Curator

In this student activity, you’ll pick an object to represent your family history, the history of your community, or your own personal history. You will study the object as a museum curator would study it—as an artifact, an object with historical importance. You will first document the object in photographs, as museum curators usually do. Then you will write a label for the object, as if it were a piece on display in a museum. Finally, you will try to “think” like your object. You will write a story from the object’s point of view—as if the object itself were speaking. You might be surprised by what it says!
Ashley Naranjo

The Mexican-American War: Before, During, and After

The purpose of this collection is to have students consider the causes and consequences of the Mexican-American War. Students will analyze each item in the collection and determine whether it represents the time period before the war, during, or after. Then students will answer a set of broad questions about the war. While most items in the collection have accompanying text, students may need to consult their textbooks or outside resources in order to answer some questions.
Kate Harris


Luis Echeverria

Water-Related Hazards: Tsunamis

This topical collection includes resources about water-related hazards and natural disasters, namely tsunamis. It includes videos and images of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2011 Japanese tsunami, as well as the 1755 Portugese tsunami that coincided with an earthquake and firestorm all at once.
Ashley Naranjo

The Brown Sisters: Forty Years in Forty Portraits

This collection includes a unique series of portraits of four sisters. Every year, for forty years, one of the sisters' husbands captured the four women in a black and white photograph. A New York Times article introduces the project, paired with the forty photographs and some discussion questions considering elements of portraiture that are captured in these images.
Ashley Naranjo

My Nightstand

5 objects that describe me.
Drekir Scott

My Nightstand

5 Objects that describe
Julius Ramsey
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