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Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph defied the odds and paved the way for African American female athletes. Discover her strength and courage.

This collection was created in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery’s 2017 Learning to Look Summer Teacher Institute.


TAGS: #NPGteach, portrait, learning to look, National Portrait Gallery

Jennifer Houston

Acquisitions Debate

Use these resources to have your students debate the acquisitions of a work of art.

This collection was created in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery’s 2017 Learning to Look Summer Teacher Institute.
TAGS: #NPGteach, Portrait, Learning to Look, National Portrait Gallery

Stacey Churchill

Black Millinery

Hats are a large part of many cultures. In black history hats have been extravagant accessories. My collection features both African and African American styled hats.

Janan Muhammad

Black Millinery

This collection shows the products of millinery and the different types of hats from around the world. It shows the different patterns and styles that different people wore in their lives. The hats give and portray stories of the creators and the people that wore them. 

Carolyn Hall

Marian Anderson; Hero and Civil Rights Mentor

Marian Anderson faced many challenges during her career making her a hero to many.  Facing discrimination with dignity and grace endeared her to her fans and generations yet to come.


Self Portraits

Elizabeth Teare

Social Justice: National Portrait Gallery Resources

This collection previews the fifth and final seminar of the 2017 Montgomery College / Smithsonian Institution Fellowship seminar series, The Struggle for Justice. Two National Portrait Gallery staff members will lead this event: David Ward and Briana Zavadil White.

Resources and questions included in this collection have been chosen by the presenters for participants to explore and consider before the seminar itself.


David Bedar

Learning to Look with the National Portrait Gallery

Integrating portraiture into the classroom provides exciting opportunities to connect students with history, biography, visual art, and many other subjects. The National Portrait Gallery collection presents the wonderful diversity of individuals who have left—and are leaving—their mark on our country and our culture. The museum portrays poets and presidents, visionaries and villains, actors and activists whose lives tell the American story. Be introduced to "learning to look" strategies in this collection—unique ways to hook and engage students when looking closely at portraits.

This collection was created to support the 2016 CCSSO Teachers of the Year Day at the Smithsonian.
Anna Maakestad

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Images and Videos for Elementary Age Students

Elise Kohan

The Start of Black Hair Care

I have a strong connection with my natural hair. I love to wash it, wear it, and care for it. I really have to thank the many African American women from the past for paving the way for great hair care that's available today. Hair care styling became more important through the years. My collection features styles and products throughout the 1900's.

Janan Muhammad

The relationship of fashion through time

This will show the unique and different types of fashion that different people wear according to time periods. This shows how fashion from different time periods and other countries can influence the fashion that we wear today. Many of the pictures shown contribute fashion forward styles that many people wear today. It gives an idea of how people have embraced globalization and shared and created new ideas from the old ones.

1600s fashion - 2000s fashion

Carolyn Hall

ESY Dolphins

Rachel Bara

Native Americans

David Bedar

Art Appreciation Summer 2017

A collection of works where I respond to art criticism and artwork. --Media Roundups

Brigette Nicklas

Media Round Up - Matt Martin

matthew martin

Art Museum Sees 'Fabulous' Opening Night in Northfield

This is about a brand new  "museum" opening up and how it adds hope to the art industry.

Keilah Fagan

My Art Work

My writing about art.

Andile Gova

Was the printing press revolutionary?

Saúl Martínez Bermejo

The Boundless World of Art

These are various artworks done by many movements and concepts from the East and the West to demonstrate the relationships of various art movements that have shaped their surroundings and the world.

Tyler Rodriguez

round up

Francine Gaelle Kouatchou

The Railway

Media found on the National Gallery of Art

Darian Mohammed

biodiversity, indication, solutions

Students will learn to identify trends in data and behaviors of birds to indicate changes in the ecosystem's balance.  Students will synthesize previous learning to establish an indicator bird species of the healthiness of the ecosystem.  

Amy Peoples
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