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Liberty Bonds of World War I (WW1)

This collection presents three different liberty bonds primary sources dating from 1918: a postcard, sheet music/song, and a celebrity aviator's brochure. With these resources students will explore Liberty Bonds, also called war bonds or liberty loans, which were essentially loans from the American people to the U.S. government to fund the Allies' involvement in World War I. Many public campaigns presented purchasing bonds as the patriotic way to support the war from the home front. Carefully chosen words and imagery conveyed this message and persuaded Americans to act quickly, through both subtle and direct messaging. 

Essential questions: What role did Liberty Bonds play in financing the U.S. WWI effort? How did persuasive language techniques and visuals lead many Americans to see Liberty Bonds as part of their patriotic duty on the home front? 

Keywords: primary source, secondary source, soldiers, World War I, Great War, Ruth Law, "What are you going to do to help the boys?", army, military, Uncle Sam, WWI, persuasion, advertising

This collection was created in conjunction with the National Postal Museum's "My Fellow Soldiers: Letters from World War I" teacher workshop (July 19, 2017). It focuses on one of the many postcards from this topical collection to demonstrate its use in the secondary classroom. #NPMTeacherPrograms


Ashley Naranjo

Andrew Jackson Campaign Poster Creation

In this collection, students will be tasked with taking an image or work of art of Andrew Jackson and use it to create a Campaign Poster he would have used as the first Democratic President. The instructions for the students are attached along with some recommended images from the lab. The students will take one of these images or one of their choice and add Hot Spots to explain why they chose this image. The Hot Spots will indicate what about that image makes Jackson seem Presidential or appeal to the common man. Students should be encouraged to be very creative with their Hot Spot topics.


Thomas Gray

See/Think/Wonder: Progressive Era Women Seek Equal Political Rights (Postcards)


Students will use primary sources to understand the ways that women advocated for the right to vote.

Students will identify what these postcards tell us about the arguments for and against women's suffrage?

Students will Explain actions taken during the Progressive era to expand opportunities for women, including the right to vote.


Scott Karavlan

Libyan Rock Art

This collection contains images of rock-art of the Wadi al-Ajal, in the Fezzan region of south-west Libya. Several hundred engravings have so far been identified here. This rich concentration of rock-art spans the phase from at least 7,000 years ago until the present - a critical period of time which encompasses major transitions in human economy, culture and ideology from hunting and gathering to raising livestock, then to agriculture and more recently to industrialization. Rock-art provides fascinating evidence of how human groups were living during this period, what their relationships with their environment were and what they considered of importance and value. Because rock-art is deliberately placed at specific locations in the landscape, a powerful relationship can often exist between rock-art sites and natural landscape features.


Aubrey Gennari
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