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A man who used the fear of communism to rise into power

chris carlino

Ultimate Smithsonian Challenge: Arts & Culture Edition

Collection containing items from the 2017 Smithsonian Arts & Culture quiz

Jordy Nelson

American Revolution: Western & Southern Campaign

This Smithsonian Learning Lab Collection coincides with the EFMS: The War Moves South website. Students will navigate the website and investigate the following topics:

  • US Navy & Privateers
  • The gunboat Philadelphia
  • Native Americans & the American Revolution
  • Southern Campaign
  • Aid from Spain
Students will utilize this Smithsonian Learning Lab Collection to complete a blog question on the aforementioned website.
Steven Hartnett

Joseph McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover

Joseph is the senator for Wisconsin who claimed there were communists working in the state department. Made numerous accusations and many believed him. J. Edgar Hoover is the head of the FBI from 1935 to 1972.

Mack p


authors, screenwriters and actresses who were blacklisted for being apart of the communist party during the red scare

Madison Siegle

J. Edgar Hoover and Ethel & Julius Rosenberg

Hoover was the head of the FBI from 1935 to 1972. Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg were convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and were sentenced to death. All of them contribute to Communism and the McCarthy era.

Emma Mendoza

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 - Focused on animal survival and animal relationships

tom howard

Lena Horne

Lena Horne was a very popular singer and actress blacklisted in the Red Scare.

Gabriella Harley

Pangu and the Chinese Creation Story

This student activity teaches students about the Chinese creation story of Pangu and introduces them to other common symbols in ancient Chinese mythology.

Guiding questions include:

-How does this story compare to other creation myths you may know? Are there common elements?

-In what way does this story reflect a distinctly Chinese culture or system of belief?

Tags: Pan gu, Panku, creation, origin, myth, compare contrast, yin yang, Taoism, Daoism, Buddhism, Buddhism, Confucius, Laozi, dragon, qilin, turtle, phoenix, ancient China, religion

Anne Holmes


How do you communicate? Through words? Body language? A look? Explore this collection to see how people, and animals communicate.

Brooke Shoemaker

Buddhism in China and Korea

This collection will examine the ways that Buddhism was adopted and adapted as part of Chinese and Korean culture in the middle ages.
Nicole Gilbertson

New Deal Organizations: Relief, Recovery, or Reform?

For each of the images in the collection, determine which New Deal organization it is representing. Think about whether that organization is a good example of relief, recovery, or reform. Some images can be used in more than one way, so be prepared to defend and explain your answers to the class.

Cory Williams

Animal Adaptations: Beaks

A collection focused on a variety of bird beaks and their functions: including Sharp Beaks, Flat Beaks, Conical Beaks, Chisel Beaks, Probing Beaks, Filter Beaks, Curved Beaks and Fishing Beaks.#ISTE2016
Cally Flickinger

McCarthy and the Red Scare Collection

Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn

Bridget Trabbold

Smithsonian and the Twenty-First Century Museum: Leadership Strategies - Week 2 Images

This collection supports the Week 2 lecture for the Harvard Extension School course MUSE E-200 Smithsonian and the Twenty-First Century Museum: Leadership Strategies. This second lecture is titled Institutional Leadership and Change: Smithsonian Strategic Plan and Vision.

The course can be found on the Harvard Extension School's Canvas site at


Alison Leithner

Lena Horne

Lena Horne during the McCarthy years

paris williams

Leonidas at Thermopylae

This 2-resource collection is intended to introduce students to the Battle of Thermopylae through an artistic interpretation and a map and graph rendering. It could be used as a short bellringer, warm-up, or homework activity prior to in-class discussion of the battle.

Tags: Sparta, Greece, Greek, Persia, Xerxes

Kate Harris

Geometry and Islamic Art

This is a collection of artifacts representing geometric motifs in Islamic art. Students will learn why these complex patterns are so prevalent in Islamic art, practice spotting different types of patterns, and begin to create their own, using just a ruler and a compass. They will also have an opportunity to explore the concept of tessellation using an interactive tool.

tags: geometry, circle, angle, star, mosque, mihrab, tile, Muslim, Islam, religion

Kate Harris


it is about the red scare and communism
jacob parker

Dorthy Parker

Author and critic that was blacklisted

Alaina Mazur

The red scare

Dalton Trumbo and Dorothy Parker
Taylor K

Greek Mythology

My collection is about Greek Mythology. Since I was very young I have been very intrigued with Greek mythology. Greek mythology has inspired and influenced many traditions and ways of life. It has a very strong influence not just in Greek architecture, but architecture all over the world. As an Architecture major it fascinates me to learn Moreno and more about it

Melissa Aguilar
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