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All You Need is Love

The best of love-themed graphic design in the Smithsonian Institution's collections.

Kate Harris

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass photographs and interview w/ Professor John Stauffer (Harvard) on the prevalence of Douglass photos in the 19th century.

Amy Kerr

Joan Miro

This resources in this collection provide a basic introduction to the life and work of Spanish artist Joan MirĂ³.

Maureen Leary

Guatemalan Weaving

This collection provides an introduction to the art of weaving practiced in Guatemala.

Maureen Leary

Puerto Rico - Vejigantes

This collection provides a brief introduction to the Vejigante tradition practiced during the month of February in Puerto Rico, in observance/celebration of Carnival.

Maureen Leary


Marriage and Courtship

Lisa Koch

Thomas Nast & Tammany Hall

Thomas Nast, a German-born American editorial cartoonist was the bane of Boss Tweed and the Tammany Hall political machine.

Scott Karavlan

What makes an astronomer?

Compare and Contrast the careers of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Neil Armstrong.

This collection was created in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery's 2016 Learning to Look Summer Teacher Institute.

Tags: #NPGteach; portrait; National Portrait Gallery
Sheri Fisher

War of 1812

Student resources

Erin Kizziar

Patterns in the Sky

A collection to support the first grade NGSS

1-ESS1-1 Earth's Place in the Universe

Use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted.
Susan Koch

Smithsonian and the Twenty-First Century Museum: Leadership Strategies - Week 3 Images

This collection supports the Week 2 lecture for the Harvard Extension School course MUSE E-200 Smithsonian and the Twenty-First Century Museum: Leadership Strategies. This third lecture is titled Development of a Fundraising Plan for Museums and Smithsonian National Campaign.

The course can be found on the Harvard Extension School's Canvas site at


Alison Leithner

Civil War


Was slavery the primary cause of the civil war

Maryelizabeth Polacco

Vikings--Myths and Mysteries

The Vikings have inspired many artists, writers, and filmmakers with their bravery and unique way of life. However, many misconceptions have developed and many facts are still unknown. In this collection, students will explore the website for the Vikings exhibit while taking notes on the included worksheet. Then, they'll evaluate three works of art (and a team logo) based on the Vikings to gauge how accurately they represent Viking life. Finally, they will be asked to create their own 2-D or 3-D object representing Viking life.

Tags: Norse, inquiry, Viking, Norway, Greenland, Iceland

Amy Kennedy

Practice Reading Portraits--Black History Month

This collection was created for a brief warm-up activity where students practiced analyzing portraits of recognizable figures as a group, prior to working on their own portrait analysis. Portraits of Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, Rosa Parks, and Booker T. Washington are included and they vary in detail and medium.

The last resource, a PDF file, is a teacher's guide created by the National Portrait Gallery. Teachers should lead discussion about the portraits using suggested questions in the guide, and then let students search for a portrait of someone of their own choosing to analyze.

tags: civil rights, sports, tennis, boxing, African-American, black history, analysis, comparison

Kate Harris

Valentine's Day

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Now explore some of the other Valentine's Day related collection items! This collection was put together using the Smithsonian's Learning Lab - a tool created by the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access as a way for anyone to use our resources, whether it's for a lesson plan, a school project or just to share with family and friends.


j robert oppenhiemer

Ty Tejchman


A compilation of beam, arch & suspension bridges.

Lisa Sama

Joseph McCarhty

Senator from Wisconsin who claimed there were communists working in the state department

Jay Quinio

Joseph McCarthy

Red Scare Collection

mason racicot

Roy Cohn

Lawyer who worked with McCarthy

Ariel Rafferty

J. Edgar hoover

lead investigator of the FBI (federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States) from 1935 to 1972

kane mcluckie

red scare smithsonian project

Dorothy Parker and Lena Horne

delaney lyons
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