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Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Investigating artworks in SAAMs collection and others which relate to Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings

Marin Layne Williams

Sustainable by Design

Students identify needs in their community and design a building to fit that need using Agency by Design framework and protocols. Designed for a collaborative unit with Environmental Science and Sculpture High School students. #goglobal

Ashley Beck

Sustainable Textiles

Sustainability is about using techniques that allow for continual reuse of resources. Why might textile designers want to reuse scraps or reclaim waste fibers? What other things that get thrown away could be reused as part of a woven textile? 

ART MAKING CHALLENGE: Incorporate something recyclable in a hand-woven textile.  Consider color, texture, and how well it will perform for a particular purpose.  Would you combine the recycled items with traditional yarns or just use re recycled items? Which method is likely to get the results you want?

Jean-Marie Galing

Suze Gibson's Digital Story

This is a collection of items owned by Suze Gibson of Madison County, IL. They are all items she has collected in her travel prior to moving to the United States to become a school teacher. Each of them was given to her by an important family member and reminds her of that person and the memories associated with them. Her family has a tradition of traveling around the world and moving away from the last generation. Even in her childhood, Gibson’s family moved around from South Africa to Germany, and then to the Netherlands. From there, Gibson spent a few years in France, then moved back to the Netherlands with her family, and finally decided to move to the United States. She believes that her passion for teaching history may have developed from this tradition of traveling in her family.

Gibson, Suze. Personal Interview. 18 April 2019.

Gibson, Suze. Personal Interview. 25 April 2019.

Gavin Witsken

Swearing the Oath and Drawing Rations

Primary and Secondary Sources that examine Lee's surrender and swearing the Loyalty Oath after the Civil War. #SAAMteach

Karen Hallier Perkins


David Loko

Sydney Jackson 1920s and 1930s Artifacts

The purpose of this project is to learn and discover facts about the 30's and 20's.

Sydney Jackson

Sydney Roberts-1920s and 1930s Artifacts

Creating a collection of historical artifacts that represent important cultural, economical, and political events of 1920s and 1930s America 

Sydney Roberts

symbol time line

Olivia O'Connell

Symbolism and Self-Portraiture Like Kehinde Wiley

After using the "Seven Ways to Look at a Portrait" strategy, students create self-portraits in the style of Kehinde Wiley that incorporates study symbolism, self-identity narrative, and reflection on the poses of traditional American portraiture. This lesson requires access to computer technology, a camera (mobile phone is fine), a green screen background, a green screen phone app or program, and ideally a printer.

Amy Leserman

Symbolism of the Wizard of Oz

Caleb Alexander

Symbolism Project

Kevin Suffredini

Symbolism, Story, and Art: Achelous & Hercules

A teacher's guide to the painting Achelous and Hercules, by Thomas Hart Benton. This 1947 mural retells an Ancient Greek myth in the context of the American Midwest. Includes the painting, a pdf of the myth "Achelous and Hercules," a website, and video discussions by curators and educators. The website includes an interactive exploring areas of interest on the piece, as well as lesson and activity ideas for the classroom.

Tags: greece
Tess Porter


An exploration of symbols that represent culture.

Katie Muhtaris



Rachael Lim


Jean-Marie Galing


Christina Ratatori

Symbols: Using Images to Invoke Feelings

In this collection, students will work with Americana images to do a "close view" that will allow them to make inferences about which feelings did the artists intend to invoke by using symbols. #LearnWithTR

Nicole Clark


Finding the elements in works of art and objects that create balance.

Joanne Baquedano-Diaz

T-4 and Euthanasia Programs

The following resources relate to T-4 and Euthanasia programs. These programs derived from Hitler and the Nazi's ideals pertaining to "unfit Aryans". They targeted individuals including; the mentally and physically handicapped, incurably insane, elderly, and offenders of the law. All were persecuted due to there weak capabilities.

Abby Wert

Taiko Drums

Discovery Theater is a pan-institutional museum theater dedicated to bringing theatre to young audiences and general visitors on and off the Mall since 1969.  The world’s most dangerous half-Japanese/half-Scottish solo improvisational taiko drum artist combines this traditional form of powerful playing on huge “Taiko” (drum) with a modern vibe, creating  participatory performances that rock the house and educate all the senses. Taiko players are their own instruments—the body dances as the music pours forth with massive sound and energy.  Experience Mark and his music in a dynamic show that celebrates this fierce Japanese artform.  

Discovery Theater

Take Action on Air Pollution

This collection of resources invites students to examine how societies have been convinced to take action regarding air pollution over time, and to craft their own persuasive message regarding pollution. Students will identify several different means of compelling individuals and groups to change their behavior in order to benefit the environment. They will then evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies. Finally, they will create their own message convincing others to take steps towards improving the environment.

Tags: smoke control, smog, pollution, environmentalism, earth day, advertising, persuasive writing, ad campaign

Kate Harris

Taking a Closer Look: The Photographs of Gordon Parks

This collection uses the strategy, "What Makes You Say That?" to take a closer look at a photograph by Gordon Parks.

Stephanie Norby
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