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Making the Old New: Rethinking Monuments and Memorials

<p>In this collection, students will work with images, videos, and texts related to Marta Minujín's "Parthenon of Books" to create a series of questions that a creator must ask and answer before designing a memorial or monument. <strong>#LearnWithTR</strong><br /></p> <p></p>
Nicole Clark

Inspiration: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in Our Nation's Capital

<p>In this collection, students will work with images of buildings from ancient Greece and ancient Rome along with images of iconic buildings in Washington, D.C. to identify ways that early Americans were inspired by ancient Greeks and Romans. <strong>#LearnWithTR</strong></p>
Nicole Clark

Symbols: Using Images to Invoke Feelings

<p>In this collection, students will work with Americana images to do a "close view" that will allow them to make inferences about which feelings did the artists intend to invoke by using symbols. <strong>#LearnWithTR</strong></p>
Nicole Clark