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American Democracy

<p>In conjunction with the Smithsonian Institutions Traveling Exhibition Services - American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith exhibition </p><p> More than just waging a war of independence, American revolutionaries took a great leap of faith and established a new government based on the sovereignty of the people. It was truly a radical idea that entrusted the power of the nation not in a monarchy but in its citizens. Each generation since continues to question how to form "a more perfect union" around this radical idea.<br /></p>
Emma Garten

Water/Ways Learning Lab

<p>In conjunction with the Smithsonian Institutions Traveling Exhibition Services, Museum on Main Street exhibit Water/Ways,</p><p>This collection aims to give more resources and information that works with what is being displayed and talked about in the Water/Ways exhibit<br /></p><p>There are sections on the water cycle, water and its importance in different cultures and beliefs, the different forms it comes in on earth (i.e. rivers, glaciers, oceans and water falls), the different ways water impacts us and how we in turn impact water be it good or bad. Along with how we get water to our homes, use it to travel, enjoy it recreationally and how we continue to manipulate and change our worlds Water Ways.</p>
Emma Garten