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Jacob Carlson

High School (16 to 18 years old)
Language Arts And English
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Jacob Carlson's collections


The Things I Carry

<p>A collection of personal objects that characterize Jacob Carlson. This collection contains objects related to his adult years. Each object acts as a window into a different aspect of Jacob's daily adult life, and together allow us to see the larger picture of the teacher and father. Most of the object are utilitarian, their functions giving personal meaning to them over time. Two objects are gifts, and thus have the additional weight of the relationships they hold. Together, the objects demonstrate a value placed on interpersonal relationships and education: intangibles that carry great weight in the life of Jacob Carlson.</p>
Jacob Carlson

American Transcendentalism

<p>This collection contains artwork, photography, and more that are indicative of the American movement of Transcendentalism.</p>
Jacob Carlson

Decades of Transformation: Bridging the 1920s and 30's

<p>Each item in this collection reflects the changing culture of America between the two World Wars. As we read <em>The Great Gatsby</em> and <em>Of Mice and Men</em>, consider how these pieces show the change of mindset across the decades.</p> <p>Your task: select 5 artifacts and write a short paragraph for each saying how the object relates to 1) the era it is from, 2) to two texts, and 3) the other objects in you collection. Do not answer the three items like a list; rather, think about having your entire paragraph answer these questions: <em>Why did I choose this object for this collection? What does it add to the whole? How can I interpret this object for the visitors of my gallery?</em></p><p>For your writing voice, sound authoritative, like a museum placard (those little signs next to objects). You do not need direct text evidence, but you do need to reference one or both of the texts.</p>
Jacob Carlson