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Candi Tate

My name is Candi and I'm from Boston, MA and I work full time in the financial district in Downtown Boston, MA. I'm also a full time student here at UML (junior year) studying Accounting. In my free time, I mostly like to read and catch up on my crime shows, but I'm also always working. I've taken a plethora of online classes. Currently I am taking Child & Adolescent Development which I find interesting so far. I've also taken Forensic Science for the Non-Scientist which was by far one of my favorite classes seeing as I love forensics and criminal justice. I hope to see how much art, history and music correlate. 

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From Medieval to Modernism: The Impact of Classical Art & Architecture

<p>This collection is intended to further educate viewers on the architecture and art in the Classical period using multiple resources as well as the Robert &amp; DiYanni text, <em>Arts and Culture, An Introduction to the Humanities (2012</em>).</p> <p>Throughout this collection readers will get a glimpse of the start of Classical architecture and how it came to be, how art lined the walls of these buildings and how art through architecture was developed. With that, readers will be able to engage and visualize today's architectural structures and how that culture influences today compared to those between the Medieval times to Modernism. They will also have the ability to recognize the true and inner beauty that lies in this architecture, amidst the chaos that regularly occurred there on a day to day basis. The truth will always remain beautiful even when it doesn't seem that way.</p> <p>This collection is available for those wanting to see the beginnings of the classical art and it's influences from the medieval times up until modernism and will provide a better visual understanding that before the beauty of what architecture is today, there was once beauty at the start of it all and that remains throughout the years, just presented in different forms. </p> <p><br /></p> <p>#AHMCFall2019<br /></p>
Candi Tate