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Pamela Schembri

Teacher Librarian
Horace Greeley High School
High School (16 to 18 years old), Adults
Teacher/Educator, Librarian/Media Specialist, Curriculum Developer, Parent, Student/Learner, Researcher, EdTech Professional
Other : Library Media Specialist

Pamela Schembri is a school library media specialist, and in her spare time likes to work with marginalized communities to implement library resources and information services. She is a beekeeper, storyteller and author of several children's books.

Pamela Schembri's collections


The Hexagon and Honey Bee in Design and Engineering

<p>Exploring the hexagon in design and engineering, using the honey bee as a model. <br /></p>
Pamela Schembri

Baking in an American Kitchen, Circa 1975

<p>Utensils, appliances and recipes help portray how baking was a connective fiber in suburban families of America in the 1970's.</p>
Pamela Schembri