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Lauren Hetrick

High School (16 to 18 years old)
Social Studies

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<p>This collection of sources relating to the Inca were collected utilizing the Smithsonian Learning Lab's database and was used in Honors World Studies to determine core cultural elements of the Inca.  </p>
Lauren Hetrick

A Morning in Damascus

<p><em></em>This collection features a series of three independent activities around one singular portrait of Bayard Taylor (formally titled <em>A Morning in Damascus)</em> painted by Thomas Hicks, 1855.  Taylor was one of America's foremost and most popular travel writers of the mid to late 19th century.  </p> <p>These activities were created for my Advanced Placement World History course to practice close reading skills as well as historical thinking skills.  The notations provided here are for teacher reference and would not be given to students. </p> <p><em>This collection was created in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery's 2017 Learning to Look Summer Teacher Institute.</em><br /></p> <p>#NPGTeach </p><p><em>#historicalthinking</em></p>
Lauren Hetrick