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Share Resources and Collections with Others

In Smithsonian Learning Lab, you have the ability to participate in and nurture collaboration by publishing your resources and collections for others to reuse or adapt. Smithsonian experts and invited members of national teaching organizations will also be contributing to the Learning Lab, offering their collections and insights on a wide range of topics and real world issues.


Share: The Share icon is available throughout the Learning Lab. Look for it when you the excitement of discovery and creativity grabs you and you want to pass it on to colleagues or you want to share your inspiration with friends.

1. How to Share

You can share Learning Lab resources and collections through social media networks, email, and the web. When viewing a resource or a collection, click the Share icon to see your sharing options. You can share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr and email. Click on the channel you wish to use and a new browser window or tab will open the social network populated with text, image and link for easy posting. You can also click Copy Link to paste it in a document, share in a mobile text, post to an online community, or use any other communication channel you wish.

2. Unlisted vs. Public Sharing of Collections

All collections created are private by default. You are the only one who can view your collections until you publish them. By making your collection public, you enable others to find, view, and use it. Other users can also copy your collection and then modify it to fit their needs or to add new ideas. They cannot make changes to your original collection.

Even unpublished collections can be shared in all the ways above with your colleagues and students. But remember, once they have the link to your collection, they can access and use it just as if it were published.

3. Publish a Collection

To make your collections public and available to others, click on the Rocket icon when you are viewing your collection.


Red rocket = private/unpublished collection


Green rocket = public and discoverable collection

Once a collection has been published, it is can be continually modified and edited. Just click the Edit icon to make changes, and once you Save them, your original published collection will be updated. A published collection can also be unpublished by clicking the green rocket; however, if other users have already made a copy of your public collection, they will still have access to adapt and use it as they desire.