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Maria Martinez Ceramicist

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Arts Age Level Elementary (9 to 12 years old)

During an excavation in New Mexico in 1908 broken pieces of polished, jet-black pottery were uncovered by an archeology professor named Edgar Lee Hewett. He sought out native people who worked in clay to recreate these older pieces in the Pueblo style.  

Maria Montoya Martinez,  (born Maria Poveka Montoya was a Native American ceramicist who created internationally known pottery. She and her family members examined traditional Pueblo pottery styles and techniques to create pieces which reflect the Pueblo people’s legacy of fine art and crafts.

Here is an article that discusses how Maria and her family grew a business and brought attention and acclaim to Native American artist.

Watch Maria putting slip on a pot and using a rubbing stone, to create the sheen that set her pots apart. 

Here you will see her husband applying the slip over the polished pot that Maria and jut made. 

Look through the different styles of vessels and their decorations.