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Glorious Inventions And The Industrial Revolution

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This collection represents the significance and the modernization of the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution, manufacturing was done in people's homes using hand tools and basic machines. This had all shifted in a matter of time. From transportation and communication to powered machines, factories and mass production, industrialization was a way of life.  

Although there were some drawbacks as a result of the industrial revolution, the pros outweighed the cons. This collection is created to examine the many great inventions that were introduced and how they made human life much easier. This collection also shows art, ceramics, and documents that were important during this time. 

Steam engine

William Lincoln Garver Jr.

Power Loom

William Crompton

Cotton Gin Patent

Eli Whitney

Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney


Alfred Vail

Sewing Machine

Walter Hunt

“The Fighting Temeraire"

Joseph Mallord William Turner

The Portland Vase

Josiah Wedgwood