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Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative: English/Language Arts Standards

World War II on the Home Front: Civic Responsibility

Lesson based on posters that encouraged American citizens to contribute to the war effort. Students consider the importance of volunteerism in a free society.
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How Things Fly

A lesson plan introduces students to the four elements of flight - drag, lift, thrust, and weight - through fun-filled experiments. Students "fly" for short periods and then evaluate factors that might either increase or decrease their "flight" duration.

Click the PDF icon to download the issue.

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Native American Dolls

In this issue of Smithsonian in Your Classroom, students examine handcrafted dolls from the National Museum of the American Indian. They draw connections between these objects and Native cultures, communities, and environments.

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Playing Historical Detective: Great-Grandmother's Dress and Other Clues to the Life and Times of Annie Steel

In this 1981 issue of Art to Zoo, students become detectives piecing together the
life of a nineteenth century woman by examining primary source documents and
artifacts. Click the PDF icon to download.

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Looking Closely at Surrealist Art: Cundo Bermúdez's "Cinco Figuras"

This teaching collection focuses on the surrealist artwork of Cuban artist, Cundo Bermúdez (1914-2008), entitled "Cinco Figuras" from the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum's collections. By applying the Project Zero Visible Thinking Routine, "See, Think, Wonder" to the artwork, teachers can lead students in a discussion that allows them to make observations and support interpretations with details, while noting areas for further exploration. 

Additional resources are included in this collection to help contextualize the artist, his life and other related works. 

Keywords: surrealism, Latino, painting, symbolism, ladder, mirror, clock, five figures

#LatinoHAC #VisibleThinking

Ashley Naranjo

Crafty Communication

When a piece of craft work is placed in a gallery the narrative of the work grows and viewers are given a chance to entertain a variety of perspectives about the piece. Craft work has the capability to place a message over the functionality of the piece. Every aspect that the artist put into the piece, including the material, adds to the message presented and interpretation of others. The artist is trying to start a conversation between the viewer and the piece as well as give viewers an opportunity to have a conversation among themselves. Students will learn how to make visual sense of an object and form their own opinion about the message that the piece is presenting to them.

Lillian Young