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1920's artifacts (US History Assignment)

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The artifacts listed under this collection are all an important part of what made the 1920s unique and "radical" compared to the years prior.

The change in woman was a fundamental part of the 1920s as it helped lead the path to how woman act, dress, and are perceived today. This began the path to woman truly becoming and feeling equal to men.

 Although they may have first began in the 1890s(the history of film is not clearly defined), the introduction of Motion Pictures/Films/Movies as a popular pastime may have helped shape the USA, through political figures use of four-minutemen, before the film began, to help sway or persuade the citizens to a certain side. Before the popularization of sound films there were primarily silent films, the first know sound film took place in Paris in 1900, but it took a few decades passed before sound films were made practical in a commercial sense.

The 1920s are often referred to as the Jazz Age, as this was a period of time in which jazz music and dance styles rapidly gained nationwide popularity in the USA. Jazz music can be seen as a mix of African-American and European-American music. Jazz is characterized by swing and blue notes, call and response vocals, polyrhythms and improvisation; it has roots or ties in West African cultural, musical expression, and traditions, as well as European military band music.

Sports played a big parts in the 1920s, as many American looked to Athletes as role models and drew inspiration from many of them. Many also viewed sports as a fun pastime, if you watch it or play it. In the 1920s, in America, Baseball was seen as the "national pastime.

These are just a few things that help give the 1920s its flamboyant personality.

Gibson Girl [art work] / (photographed by Peter A. Juley & Son)

Archives and Special Collections, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Baseball, signed by the 1927 New York Yankees

National Museum of American History


National Portrait Gallery

Charlie Chaplin

National Portrait Gallery

Louis Armstrong

National Portrait Gallery

F. Scott Fitzgerald

National Portrait Gallery

37c Red Grange single

National Postal Museum

Gertrude Ederle

National Portrait Gallery

32c Jack Dempsey single

National Postal Museum